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Amber Trails to Krakow
Cycling Amber Trail

From Budapest to Krakow

From Vienna to Krakow

Our Amber Trail tours take you through three countries of Central Europe, no matter if you begin in Vienna or Budapest. Follow the steps of the historic amber trade routes meeting in the former capital of Poland, the royal city of Cracow. These rewarding bike routes will show you the beauty of UNESCO protected World Heritage sites as well as calm, yet rewarding trails in deep forests, up and down the scenic hills and cool valleys. As not all the Amber Trail sections are easy to ride, you will get some car transfers along the way.
We offer the Amber Trail tours in the following versions:

Budapest - KrakowCycling Amber Trail Budapest to Cracow

Hungary - Slovakia - Poland

Duration: 9 days / 8 nights
Distance: 355 km / 221 miles
Daily avg.: 51 km / 32 miles
Difficulty: Challenging

This is our most challenging bike tour in terms of elevation change, however the climbs are really worth the breathtaking views. Warm up at the Danube River before you arrive into Tatra Mountains, whose peaks guard immense natural beauties, old mining towns and timber villages. Read more...

Vienna - KrakowCycling Amber Trail Vienna to Cracow

Austria - Czech Republic - Poland

Duration: 10 days / 9 nights
Distance: 457 km / 284 miles
Daily avg.: 51 km / 32 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

An easier way how to transfer amber (and yourself) along the ancient amber route follows the Greenway Vienna - Moravia - Krakow. Go past sunny vineyards, cool limestone caves of Moravian Karst or lush Beskydy Mountains. Instead of Tatra mountains you can visit legendary Tatra car museum. Read more...

Are you interested in more relaxed cycling into Poland with a half of the route flat? Check our Prague - Krakow Tour. Would you like to ride into the Slovak mountains, but the Amber Trail is too long for you? Try our Romantic Slovakia Tour.

The ancient Amber Trail led from the beaches of the Baltic Sea south to the Adriatic. Through history the exquisite brown fossil resin has been traded along this route. People still buy and sell amber; you might find a piece you like at one of the shops or markets on your journey. You will also meet some of the people who live along the ancient route and learn about their lives, their cultural heritage and their effort to preserve it.

The trail takes you both through the historic towns and the unspoiled countryside with typical highland villages. When it comes for the effort expended in conquering the more difficult route sections, it is more than compensated for by the panoramic views. The little villages might be lost in time; the hospitality of the local people, herds of sheep and cattle and traditional crafts, all this is part of the unforgettable experience of this trail, so far relatively undiscovered by outsiders. You can see little wooden churches built without a single nail, as well as majestic stone castles. You will truly appreciate the system of marked trails. The high point of the Polish side is Cracow itself, a wonderful historic, lively, pulsing city known among other things for the amber market at the Sukienice (Cloth Hall), reaffirming the meaning and existence of the Amber Trail as a link between North and South, a trade route that offers such riches as to become a destination in itself.

"In August and September, 2001, my wife and I bicycled the Amber Trail from Budapest to Cracow through the low Tatra mountains of Slovakia. We experienced beautiful scenery while biking up narrow forest valleys to mountain plateaus with splendid vistas, some challenging long ascents followed by exciting downhill rolls, pleasant overnight stays at small inns in historic mining towns, and interesting encounters with the local people. At each end, there were the fascinating cities of Budapest and Cracow. It was one of our greatest bicycle trips."

(Oliver and Meredith S., USA)

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