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Czech Republic - Austria - Hungary

Slovakia - Hungary - Poland

Our walking tours begin and end in major cities or capitals that are great destinations in and of themselves. This system makes it easier to begin the trail, and allow you to combine your walking tour with a stay in the city at the beginning or the end. More accomplished tourist can join the routes into a grand adventure or combine them with some of our bicycle tours. You can find more details about each walking tour at our websites

Walking Czech Greenways Vienna to PragueCzech Greenways Vienna - Prague

Our most popular walking tour will take you through the varied countryside hiding a host of architectural gems, fairy-tale castles and the bygone Iron Curtain. From wine-making South Moravia to beer-making South Bohemia, you will stay in the charming Renaissance towns, whose local pubs serve the best beer in the world. Read more...

Walking Elbe River TrailElbe River Trail Prague - Dresden

From the Vltava River in Prague you will soon get to one of the Europe's mightiest rivers, the Elbe, and follow its landscape carved out in the rocks including breathtaking Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Its steep-sided sandstone rock formations make a symbolical gate from Bohemia to the German land of Saxony. Read more...

Walking Bohemian TrailBohemian Trail

This trail will take you through most scenic parts of beautiful Bohemian landscape between Prague and Cesky Krumlov, two magnificent historical towns connected by the Vltava River. This undoubtedly rewarding hike leads through calm deep forests, romantic river valleys with charming castles and cosy ancient towns. Read more...

Walking Czech Gothic Trail to PragueCzech Gothic Trail

From Brno, the historic capital of Moravia, walk through the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands to Prague, the heart of Bohemia. Majestic castles, superb cathedrals and well-preserved walled towns remind you of the country' rich history dated back to early Middle Ages, well-matched with the later era, creating a unique Baroque-Gothic style. Read more...

Walking Czech UNESCO Heritage TrailCzech UNESCO Heritage Trail

Eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in eight days: the Europe's largest designed landscape, modern Villa Tugendhat, archbishops' palace and its gardens, the country's largest historical reserves, unique Baroque-Gothic pilgrimage church, pristine Renaissance chateau, the silver treasury of Czech kings, and Prague... Read more...

Walking Moravian TrailMoravian Trail

Have you ever heard of Moravia or the Moravian Brethren church, perhaps? Come and see where it all started, in a land of wine and great food. Tour hills covered with vineyards, the bygone Great Moravian Empire settlements or Walachia, a highland country decorated with unique wooden architecture, to see what Moravia has to offer. Read more...

Walking Amber TrailAmber Trail Vienna - Krakow

From sunny South Moravia through cool caves and gorges of Moravian Karst head for the Moravian Gate, an ancient route guarded by Helfstyn, one of the largest castles in Europe. Rich medieval heritage, including Stramberk with its iconic stone tower, marks your way to lush Beskydy mountains at the Czech-Polish border. Read more...

Hiking Amber TrailAmber Trail Budapest - Krakow

This tour through Hungary, Slovakia and Poland follows the steps of the historic amber trade route. The traditional villages in Slovak Tatra Mountains contrast with exquisite architecture of Budapest, "Paris of the East", and the royal city of Krakow. Matched with pristine nature and stunning views, you get a really rewarding route. Read more...

Walking Romantic SlovakiaRomantic Slovakia

From Bratislava, one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, head for scenic cliffs and peaks, passing through some dramatic canyons. The Velka Fatra and Nizke Tatry national parks, offer far views as well as romantic scenes of untamed nature topped up with the old mining town of Banska Stiavnica, a great destination on its own. Read more...

Walking Slovak UNESCO HeritageSlovak UNESCO Heritage Trail

Slovakia, though a small country, is enormously rich in natural and cultural heritage. Discover its most treasured gems, listed in UNESCO World Heritage, as well as places equally valuable, laying aside from the main tourist trails. High mountains, deep valleys, rural villages with wooden churches and giant castles are only a fraction of what you will see. Read more...

Walking AlpannoniaAlpannonia Trail

This beautiful walk connects Austria’s famous Semmering Pass south of Vienna with the Pannonian plain, and the jewel of Hungarian towns – Koszeg. Lovely hiking trails leading through the easternmost edge of the Alps provide for easy, yet exciting explorations with stunning views, picturesque villages, and pristine nature areas. Read more...

Walking Danube TrailDanube Trail Melk - Vienna

The Wachau Valley, the Danube River section between Melk and Krems, is a true treat for the senses. Centuries-old stone terraced vineyards, apricot-tree orchards, and picturesque wine-making villages, legendary castles and abbeys, you will never forget the magnificent panoramic views of this unique riverine landscape. Read more...

Walking Salzkammergut LakesSalzkammergut Lakes

This magnificent landscape has been inhabited since prehistoric times, also due to its rich salt deposits. Using a cable car or chairlift you can savor the sweeping views from the mountain tops without the strain of climbing them. Visit a wealth of picturesque towns and spas, as well as underground stalactite caves and salt mines. Read more...

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Walking and Hiking Tours in Central Europe

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