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Special interest tours

Make your trip a special blend

History - Culture - Art - Wine - Nature

Apart from cycling, hiking or other active way of traveling our tours incorporate various places of interest which can provide an insight into local history, culture and traditions. You can visit archaeological sites, castles, chateaux, Jewish heritage sights, wine-cellars, breweries, biological reserves, etc. Write us your holiday dreams and we will do our best to make them a tour.

See the architectural heritage of the Czech RepublicHistory and Architecture

Discover the unexpected wealth of well-preserved Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture including numerous UNESCO enlisted sites, such as Cesky Krumlov, Telc or Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape. However, on the way from Vienna to Prague you can find several almost 1,000-year-old Romanesque sights. If you are interested in the medieval history, check our Czech Gothic Cycling or Czech Gothic Walking tours.

Visit archeological sites in Central EuropeArchaeology

Uncover the most important archaeological findings in the Czech Republic and Austria. You can visit Archeopark Pavlov, built at the site of Stone Age mammoth hunters, presenting the world-famous 25,000-year-old Venus of Vestonice. In Austria you can admire another, even older prehistoric statuette, Venus of Willendorf. Petronell-Carnuntum on the other hand presents on-going reconstruction of an ancient Roman city literally dug out of the earth.

Discover the Jewish heritage of the Czech RepublicJewish Heritage

The Jewish community, though uprooted during WWII, has left visible imprints in Czech lands. Jewish cemeteries, synagogues and quarters can be found in many places, just to name some you may include in your tour: the Jewish cemetery in Mikulov, the former Moravian Rabbi seat, the Europe's best preserved Jewish quarter in Trebic or a dozen of Prague synagogues.

Visit music events in Central EuropeMusic

Attend numerous festivals dedicated to famous composers such as Mozart festival in Salzburg, Smetana's Litomysl or Prague Spring festival. Your tour can be timed to include the highlights of music events along the route. You may also visit places where world-famous Czech composers, including Leos Janacek, Antonin Dvorak or Gustav Mahler, lived and worked.

Visit cultural events in Central EuropeCultural Events

Why not to make your tour coincide with some of the numerous art events and experience the rich living traditions of Central European towns, such as Renaissance Five-petalled Rose Festival in Cesky Krumlov, medieval celebration Tabor Meeting in this Hussite town or Royal silvering of Kutna Hora. Check the best time to go at our tours description, so that your trip can include theatre, folcore or craft performances you are interested in.

Taste the best of Czech beerBeer

Bohemia is not only the home of Pilsner Urquell, the most famous, and best beer in the world, but also the real Budweiser, brewed in the town of Budweis (Ceske Budejovice). Complimented by a number of excellent beers from smaller breweries in South Bohemia, e.g. Regent in Trebon, you can watch, smell, and sample the production of the best European brews.

Sample Moravian and Bohemian wineWine

The bucolic countryside of South Moravia gives you a chance to experience the Moravian wine culture. Wine salon of the Czech Republic in Valtice invites you to the collection of country's top 100 wines, and in September, when the harvest time comes, popular Palava Wine Harvest Festival takes place in Mikulov. Though lesser in number, wine of Bohemia is worth tasting as well, e.g. at Melnik Wine Harvest Festival.

Go birdwatching in the Czech RepublicBirdwatching

South Moravia and South Bohemia abound with bird reserves and sanctuaries. Over the rare wetlands and numerous ponds of these two regions, many species can be sighted. The Lednice fishponds host northern species of geese or wintering White-tailed Eagles, the Palava limestones hide Peregrine Falcon and call of the Syrian Woodpecker can be heard even in Mikulov town. White-tailed eagles are the symbol of the lake area of South Bohemia. More than two hundred fishponds of all sizes and shapes attract many bird species, such as Goldeneye, Marsh Harrier, Bluethroat or Penduline Tit.

See the Czech Republic wildlifeEcology

The Czech wildlife is as rich as its cultural life. There are several protected areas listed in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve: national parks of Sumava and Krkonose (Giant Mountains), and wetlands protected also under RAMSAR treaty: Trebon Basin dotted with fishponds and mires, and Lower Morava known for birds living on water as well as rare wildflowers in Palava Protected Landscape Area. Two smaller national parks, Saxon-Bohemian Switzerland and Podyji are also incorporated in our tour itineraries.

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