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The best way to really explore a country is to walk through. Ten- to twenty-mile hikes daily along centuries-old trails of Czech Republic enhance the personal experience.
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Danube River Trail
Cycling Danube River Trail

Germany - Austria - Slovakia - Hungary

Munich - Passau - Vienna - Budapest

Being the Central Europe's most popular bike route, it is no wonder the Danube Trail tours are included in our offer. What is its great advantage, particularly in Germany and Austria, is the perfect cycling infrastructure and a very high proportion of paved dedicated bike paths. The sections can be easily joined, a favorite combination is cycling from Passau to Vienna and further on to Budapest. What all the sections have in common, is the almost flat surface going downstream and the tail wind, whose breeze makes for a pleasant ride even in the hottest summer months. The route goes well down with the varied landscape ranging from wide plains to steep-sided rocks with terraced vineyards, ancient castles, monasteries or cathedrals, and great wine, no matter which region you ride through.

Cycling Munich - PassauMunich to Passau Tour

Bavaria, Germany

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Distance: 340 km / 211 miles
Daily avg.: 48 km / 30 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Riding the ancient Via Claudia Augusta reach the Danube and follow it down to the German-Austrian border. Numerous places on your way, such as the city of Regensburg, originated in the Roman era when the Danube formed the Limes Romanus, the northern border of the Roman Empire. Read more...

Cycling Passau - ViennaPassau to Vienna Tour

Germany - Austria

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Distance: 323 km / 202 miles
Daily avg.: 54 km / 34 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Loved by many is this smooth, easy, and stunningly beautiful route with ancient castles and churches overlooking the river, and excellent services for cyclists. Through the Wachau Valley wine region, with vineyards and orchards luring you to taste their fruits, ride to the city of Vienna. Read more...

Cycling Salzburg - ViennaSalzburg to Vienna Tour

Austrian Lakes & Rivers

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Distance: 417 km / 259 miles
Daily avg.: 59 km / 37 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

From Salzkammergut area of crystal clear lakes which mirror steep-sided Alpine mountains ride downstream the Traun River to meet the popular Danube River Bike Trail in the city of Linz. Picturesque towns and romantic castles add to the natural beauties of this tour.

Cycling Vienna - BudapestVienna to Budapest Tour

Austria - Slovakia - Hungary

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Distance: 355 km / 220 miles
Daily avg.: 59 km / 37 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Follow the Danube and its sidearms in the footsteps of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire from Vienna through Bratislava, the Slovak capital, to Hungarian spa towns and back to Slovakia, crossing the river several times between Esztergom, the Hungarian archbishops' seat, and Budapest. Read more...

"Our trip from Vienna to Budapest exceeded expectations. The Trek bikes and panniers are first rate, as were the hotels. The maps along with the detailed instructions allowed us navigate the country side without getting lost once, which given our history is a major accomplishment. Hotels were well appointed. Most important, I have to compliment you on the impeccable logistics. We had no idea what we were expecting and found every detail taken care of. "

(Daniel & Kathleen H., USA)

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